> Couchbase Shell_

The modern and fun shell for Couchbase Server and Cloud


  • doneSupports Windows, Mac and Linux
  • doneFlexible ETL, even across clusters
  • doneManage many clusters at once
  • doneAccess to all Couchbase services
  • doneFake data generation
  • doneBuilt on top of Nushell


Batteries Included

Download a single binary and you are good to go, whether you are on Windows, Mac or Linux. Connects to all Couchbase Server and Cloud clusters and provides access to multiple clusters at the same time.


For Dev and Ops

Provides useful tooling both during developement and production operation. Doesn't matter if you need to generate fake data or check the status of your indexes - we got you covered.


Fully Featured

Not just a REPL, but rather a full blown shell. Extract, transform and load a multitde of data formats. Export as JSON or CSV? Of course! Import from SQLite? Sure!